“Leadership is the art of finding the gold in yourself and then in those you lead; asking great questions that start with yourself.”  michael walker

Believe it or not, we are all leaders. We all make decisions everyday that lead us one way or another. The question is are we intentional with leading ourselves and others where we want to go? The Legendary Leadership Coaching Program (LLCP) is designed to help you create an intentional plan of excellence that starts with yourself, and then helps take you, your team and your organization to where you want to go. The Legendary Leadership Coaching Program is defined by four key drivers:

  • Inspiring Powerful People

  • Championing Processes and Change

  • Engaging Vision

  • Empowering a Healthy Organizations

The Legendary Leadership Coaching Program will be tailored to your needs and desires. We will work together to create a coaching plan for each of the 4 quadrants of your Legendary Leadership Coaching Program and identify the Leadership competencies you would like to improve!



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1. Inspiring Powerful People - Defining your LEADERbrand

Inspiring Powerful People begins with a person’s understanding of themselves and how to lead themselves well. We believe that self-awareness and reflection is the basis for professional development. By being intentional with your self-awareness and reflection we are able to help you define your personal brand; what we call your LEADERbrand. An individual’s willingness to learn about their nature, purpose and essence is a catalyst for reaching their leadership potential.

Through a series of diagnostics, emotional intelligence surveys and hands on leadership tools we help take you to where you want to go. Powerful people clearly define their LEADERbrand and develop a toolbox of skills that allow them to lead themselves well with confidence and empower and inspire those around them.

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2. Championing Processes and Change -  A Framework for Sustainable Success

Powerful people champion processes and change by example; leadership by example. They do this in a way that meets people where they are at and in a way that provides them an opportunity to embrace change from a positive experience; leadership by relationship. Often processes and change are met with resistance based on past negative experiences that have become a default setting. As a result many organizations and people don’t reach their potential and experience a lack of profitability and productivity during times of change. The legendary 6 framework for sustainable success addresses strategic planning with both Financial Performance Systems and Relationship Performance Systems in mind. We help you develop an organizational plan that includes Leadership by Example and Relationship, and Management by Objectives and Results. A plan that helps deliver sustainable success and optimizes the greatest assets of your organization.


3. Engaging Vision - Leadership that Inspires and Empowers

From here we help you engage your vision by developing a passionate and purposeful picture that allows each member of your team to see where they fit in and how they can add value to the organization. In fact they become the in house brand champions! An organization with a powerful, viral and connectable vision gets a significant advantage in a marketplace hungry for authenticity, cause, and integrity.

Your Legendary Leadership Coaching Program will equip you with a vision communication strategy for your team that includes the four key components to a healthy bottom line; relationships, fairness, pride of ownership, and profitability. Often vision is more about process or products and people are an afterthought. A successful vision involves being intentional about developing a healthy bottom line. We will help you learn to craft vision in a way that protects relationships, advances fairness, empowers pride of ownership and not only meets, but exceeds profitability targets!


4. Empowering a Healthy Organization - Conflict Management Systems


Today more and more organizations are starting to realize the link between wellness and profit. Your Legendary Leadership Coaching Program will add the leadership tools needed for your organization to be healthy and profitable. In terms of health and profit the thing that most commonly dis-empowers an organization, and in fact takes it hostage is conflict.

Your Legendary Leadership Coaching Program will add to your skill set; conflict resolution, negotiation and facilitating skills. Research has shown being intentional with your Conflict Management Systems will result in a positive effect on employee engagement levels, creativity, self-determination and productivity. You will help move conflict from an inevitable liability to an enviable asset. As a powerful person equipped to be intentional with conflict and conflict resolution you will find it easier to achieve the healthy bottom line you desire. A bottom line that protects relationships, advances fairness, empowers pride of ownership and exceeds your profitability targets.

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