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It all start with the “why” and “who” of what you do. At Legendary Coaching we are passionate about helping leaders lead themselves and others well, and setting them up for success! We believe that everyone has the capacity to be an Influential Leader. We define this model of Influential Leadership as "giving someone something they don't even know they need or want. But once they have it they can't imagine living without it and can't wait to give it away!" We help champion this process in our clients by: ENGAGING Leaders and their organizations where they are at, EMPOWERING who they are, and INSPIRING the "why" of what matters to them.

ENGAGE: By exploring existing leadership, change and conflict management systems we help leaders and their organizations uncover fresh and prosperous opportunities to LEAD WELL.

EMPOWER: We equip leaders with emotional wisdom that elevates the attractiveness of their leadership and how people are valued and heard. And as a result, a contagious culture of trust appears. 

INSPIRE: As we elevate our confidence, empowerment and trust we become intentional with pursuing a bottom line that is about who we are and what we do. A healthy bottom line that protects relationships, advances wellness and fairness, empowers pride of ownership and increases profitability.

Working with influential leaders and organizations we provide leadership,conflict coaching and mediation. From organizational development to succession planning we bring 25 years of diverse business experience to help take you where you want to go. In the realm of mediation and facilitation we help leaders and organizations understand and work with conflict to improve the quality of their relationships, empower fairness and increase profitability. We also provide workshops and seminars that give participants the tools they need to start applying what they have discovered right away. 

We would love to make a difference with you and your team today!

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