“there emerges a single new-economy truth: a company’s culture can be its greatest asset.”

The incentive Research foundation


More and more research is showing us that happy employees in a healthy work environment produce better work. Harvard Business Review reports that companies with low employee engagement showed lower productivity, profitability and job growth over time, than those companies with highly engaged employees.


Imagine every one of your team members walking away with a similar experience; we know how to make that happen and best of all it’s easy for you and surprisingly affordable.

We are experts at helping businesses refocus, refresh and rediscover their passion, purpose and productivity while deepening their relationships with each other and organizing new ideas and change that supercharge the company.

It all begins by saying yes to having your first or next corporate retreat taken care of by our Legendary Retreat Team and trusting us with all the details, content and facilitation.

From a one-day onsite retreat, starting at $99 per person to a 2 or 3 day offsite retreat we take care of it all; truly a “turn-key” experience that will take your employees out of their everyday work setting and give them intentional time to get to know one another while working towards a common goal.

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ROR - The Return On Retreat



1. retreats refocus and Refresh Employees

In our always-on, Internet-connected world, we’ve been preaching respite. There’s a growing body of work arguing that working long hours is harmful and not helpful, that culture eats technology for breakfast, and that unstructured opportunities to think help foster true innovation.

Studies in recent years have consistently shown that working less leads to increased productivity. Company leadership is in agreement. A 2017 GFK survey found that 78% of managers felt time off improved the focus of their employees; 70% said it renews staff commitment. It may seem counterproductive, but an off-site free of standard work tasks could lead to a reinvigorated office in the long run who love where they work.



2. understanding ourselves and others

We know that besides death and taxes being inevitable and unavoidable we can include change and conflict in this conversation! It's amazing how getting to know a person makes it easier to work together but the fear of change or conflict can impair relationships. Research tells 9 out of 10 people have a fear of conflict and 70% resist change.  Through powerful and fun communication tools we break down these barriers and turn change and conflict into profit.


3. Retreats encourage team building and bonding

Workplace culture is key to empowering your team; that they trust you and each other and love what they do, who they are and who they work with! A recent MIT study reported in the Harvard Business Journal found that teams that communicate directly with each other—and not just with management—are more productive and creative. Socializing away from the normal workplace plays a significant factor in boosting confidence, empowerment & trust.



4. Show that you value and hear your employees

The number one reason people leave companies is when they feel they are not being valued and heard. When we are intentional with making sure our people are being valued and heard, creativity inspires great ideas, turnover decreases and team members are more committed. Research from the University of Warwick found that happy workers are 12% more productive.


5. Retreats give everyone time to reflect and engage

After months of hard work, it’s beneficial for staff and leadership alike to take a moment to reflect on what’s been accomplished during that time. A time to Celebrate the Wins and reflect on the “lessons” learned; reflect on what has worked, what hasn’t, and how to close the gap going forward.

Custom Designed to Suit your Needs!

Not only do we custom design our activations (team building & social activities), but we also offer a variety of modules that include; strategic planning, gap analysis, idea curation, disruption and innovation, orchestrating communication & change and many more. From the “people” to “business” segments of your retreat, we build out every part to fit with the unique needs and goals of your organization and team.

Our design, concept curation, logistics planning and execution, facilitation, and post event support will save you time, money and guarantee an outcome that will unexpectedly delight you!

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