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“As an influential leader I am first called to serve and from this disposition I champion dreams, inspire confidence, and
encourage success that matters.”

As an influential leader Michael looks for opportunities to add value to people. He believes everybody has untapped potential and most of us have a desire to unlock and engage this potential as we experience the adventure of life and achieve success that matters. Part of that success for Michael looks like empowering leaders to lead themselves and others well; prosperity in every area of life that they can’t wait to give away to others!

Michael is a recognized Leadership and Business Advisory Coach within an exceptionally diverse range of businesses and organizational sectors. In addition he also holds the following qualifications and designations:

  • Qualified (Q.MED) mediator with the ADR Institute of Canada

  • Analyst (WFA) with the Workplace Fairness Institute

  • Independent Complaints Facilitator (ICF) -Ministry of Health


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Ryan is passionate about helping people uncover who they are and why they matter. He loves to come alongside and support people and organizations, helping them reach the fullness of their potential. Furthermore he desires to see leaders operate from a place of passion in what they do, and workplaces where relationships are protected and empowered.

Ryan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration cum laude, as well as extensive experience mentoring and coaching in the education and non-profit sectors.




Ken believes that achieving success without fulfillment is really not success at all, and that, more often than not, this happens because people allow the outside world to define our success for us.  The key to being successful AND fulfilled, is to intentionally create your own personal definition of success in each area of your life, and then work to achieve it.  Ken is passionate about investing in others and helping them achieve that success.

Ken is a former executive in the logistics and supply chain business, with over 20 years of business leadership experience focused on building out high-performance sales teams, driving sales of global supply chain and logistics solutions, and delivering consistent growth in revenue and profitability.

In recent years, Ken has been a success coach working to lead other men and championing them on their journey to increase their fulfillment in life and take their success to the next level.

As a coach, Ken combines his success in the results driven corporate world, with his expertise in the coaching world, to help clients get the results they desire in a way that helps them become a more influential leader. 





Dave has a passion for leadership and learning which constantly drives him to find new solutions to client needs. He loves to help people solve problems and see the growth that results. His outgoing nature, ability to relate to people and enthusiasm for his work make him a pleasure to be around both for his clients and coworkers.

Dave brings a great wealth of business knowledge to Legendary Coaching. Having experience as an entrepreneur and in a variety of other sectors he has an understanding of the keys to help a business or individual operate at their peak levels. Drawing on both professional and personal experiences Dave has a unique ability to work with company's and their people to discover their greatest assets and the problems that may be keeping them from their full potential.




First and foremost Tom is a people person, with over 30 years of motivating people in Consumer Packaged Goods, the Paper & Packaging Industry and the Direct Selling Industry. He`s a creative thinker with the ability to put plans into action and drive bottom line results in a team setting. He is responsible for delivering millions of dollars in new revenue to companies in these sectors.

Tom has the ability to quickly bring you to the core of your particular situation and then offer workable action steps to bring you towards your particular goals.

His strong suits include Negotiations, Innovation, Directional Shift Management and Motivation, which he has applied internationally in the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, the Caribbean and South East Asia.

Recreationally, Tom is an avid scuba diver, runner, squash player and has been known to pick up a guitar and not have people run for the exits.

 As an associate with Legendary Coaching, Tom ensures that your particular situation or goal gets our very best resources, customized to your specific needs.





Coming from a background in television production and still photography, Stewart joined the team as our Multimedia Content Producer. Along with his extensive multimedia experience working in the broadcasting industry, he has also worked in Human Resource, Health & Safety and team supervisor roles.

Even more important than his skill in media is Stewart’s ability to tell a story. His knack for communicating the life, vision and values of Legendary Coaching and its clients through media is an invaluable part of what we do.

In addition to this he also brings to the team his passion for building the people he works with and leads. He is driven to create a better workplace and give people around him the tools and skills required to be successful at work, and in their personal lives. This is evident not only in the pride for his work, but also in his energy for sharing his love of media with the LC team. It is always an exciting day when Stewart is in the office!