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Michael Walker - president

“As an influential leader I am first called to serve and from this disposition
I champion dreams, inspire confidence, and
encourage success that matters.”

As an influential leader Michael looks for opportunities to add value to people. He believes everybody has untapped potential and most of us have a desire to unlock and engage this potential as we experience the adventure of life and achieve success that matters. Part of that success for Michael looks like empowering leaders to lead themselves and others well; prosperity in every area of life that they can’t wait to give away to others!

Michael is a recognized Leadership and Business Advisory Coach within an exceptionally diverse range of businesses and organizational sectors. In addition he also holds the following qualifications and designations:

-       Qualified mediator with the ADR Institute of Canada

-       Analyst with the Workplace Fairness Institute

-       Independent Complaints Facilitator (ICF) for the Ministry of Health


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Ryan Smith - Director of business development

Ryan is passionate about helping people uncover who they are and why they matter. He loves to come alongside and support people and organizations, helping them reach the fullness of their potential. Furthermore he desires to see leaders operate from a place of passion in what they do, and workplaces where relationships are protected and empowered. Ryan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration cum laude, as well as extensive experience mentoring and coaching in the education and non-profit sectors.


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Kevin Stapley - Mediator & Conflict management coach

Kevin is a conflict management coach, mediator and educator with more than 20 years of conflict management experience, specializing in the management of aggressive behavior, otherwise known as de-escalation.

 Kevin has a passion to empower individuals to resolve unhealthy conflict because he believes the most valuable resources an organization has are its people. Furthermore he desires that workplaces would experience a culture free of toxic behavior where innovation can thrive; where the fullness of individual’s personalities, values and experiences can shine.

 At Legendary Coaching, experienced professionals like Kevin have the skills and experience required to work with both the high conflict individual and those impacted by the behavior, to increase awareness and develop the tools needed to work together more collaboratively and empower a healthy bottom line.