What if you could actually turn conflict into profit and prevent conflict from taking people and organizations hostage?

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This interactive workshop experience, Conflict 2 Profit, helps attendees to explore, engage and empower conflict in a fresh, confident and profitable way. We will explore how we can resolve unhealthy conflict, empower healthy conflict and increase employee engagement. Those who attend the Conflict 2 Profit workshop can expect to be equipped with the practical tools to help them turn conflict into profit personally and organizationally. Some of these tools include:

- Understanding conflict management styles

- The process of conflict escalation

- Negotiating for a Win/Win outcome

- Principles for successful conflict resolution

And much more! Turning conflict into profit can be a powerful leadership and team building tool that can transform every organizations bottom line. A bottom line we describe as the sum of an organization and its people's best parts; protecting relationships, advancing wellness and fairness, empowering pride of ownership and making a lot of money!


Event Details

Ticket includes workshop, workbook and diagnostics and networking lunch. Workshop held in Studio YPQ located in the upper level of the Loomex Building in the Peterborough Airport. Go in the main entrance, up the stairs and turn right.



Registration - 8:30

Workshop - 9-12:30

 Networking lunch - 12:30-2



Michael Walker - Legendary Coaching Founder

Ryan Smith - Director of Business Development and workshop host


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