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Celebrate the WINS, Saddle the Horses, Calibrate the Course

 I always find the end of a year as being a blend of emotions that includes satisfaction, disappointment, delight and regret. Satisfaction of what I accomplished, disappointment of where I fell short, delight in how I made a difference and regret at where I probably missed it. These emotions and how I process them set the stage for my perspective going into the new year and how empowered and engaged and inspired I am. Make sense?

 So I am really big on being INTENTIONAL with how I lead myself well so I can lead others well and have a 3 stage Legendary Leadership Catalyst to set my best up for the upcoming year!

  1. Celebrate the Wins

2. Saddle the Horses

3. Calibrate the Course

 Celebrate the Wins

 “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

Oprah Winfrey

 Celebrating the WINS is about connecting your vision (what you are passionate about) to your values and celebrating how you advanced them! Going beyond taking stock of what you have done and how you did it to celebrating who you are and why you matter!

 Here are some questions I like that help me celebrate the WINS

 1.      If there were a newspaper headline describing this past year for you,

what would it say?

2.      Where did what you are passionate about impact someone else’s life?

3.      What would your spouse, partner or best friend say about how you made a difference in their lives or others in the past 12 months?

4.      What unexpectedly delighted you in the past 12 months and why?

 Saddle the Horses

 “No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.”

Winston Churchill

 It seems at the beginning of the year we can easily experience a “too big for our belly” experience where we want to take on way more that we should and aren’t properly equipped to do so. It’s like let’s saddle up a whole bunch of horses (yet we can only ride one at a time) and the ones we don’t have saddle we will just ride them bareback and hope that goes well. What if we are more INTENTIONAL with which horses we saddle and why?

 I try and look at what will be the main horses I will saddle that will be the key source to my momentum this year.

 Here are some questions I look to answer for determining what horse I am going to saddle.

 1.      What are my best leadership attributes that are evident from Celebrating the WINS?

2.      What would your spouse, partner or best friend say are my best attributes?

3.      Which leadership attributes would I want to most heavily invest in to maximize who I am and why I matter?

4.      At the end of next year I have made a difference by investing in……..

 Calibrate the Course

 “Anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course.”

John Maxwell

 Any great journey has a beginning and an end which requires being INTENTIONAL with setting a course. What we often do at the end of year is emotionally assume that a journey has ended and often lose sight of the great momentum we already have going. What if we simply check our course calibration and make sure we are still leading ourselves and others well and in the desired direction with the desired momentum?

 I use these questions to identify where my course may need a calibration adjustment:

 1.      What ongoing activities need to be carried into 2019 and why?

2.      What are our desired wins for next year for these ongoing activities?

3.      What are your wins for the horse(s) you are saddling for next year?

4.      How will you know you are winning?

 Whenever I walk through a process like this I like to conclude with a question that keeps me centered on what is important; “what has been most valuable for me in this process?

 What has been most valuable for you in this process?

 Influential Leaders are intentional with leading themselves and others well and I look forward to doing that with you in this upcoming year!

 I would love your feedback on and experience with our Legendary Leadership Catalyst; please email me at

Coach Mike

michael walker