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Helping Leaders LEAD Themselves and Others WELL

We are passionate about helping leaders LEAD themselves and others WELL.

We ENGAGE Leaders and their Organizations where they are at.

We EMPOWER who they are.

We INSPIRE the "WHY" of what matters to them.

ENGAGE: By exploring existing leadership and conflict management systems we help leaders and their organizations uncover fresh and prosperous opportunities to LEAD WELL.

EMPOWER: As we equip leaders with emotional wisdom that elevates the attractiveness of their leadership and how people are valued and heard a contagious culture of trust appears. 

INSPIRE: As we elevate our confidence, empowerment and trust we become intentional with pursuing a bottom line that is about who we are and what we do. A healthy bottom line that protects relationships, advances wellness and fairness, empowers pride of ownership and increases profitability.


As leaders in our organizations there is one thing we know will happen; there will be conflict. In fact statistics tell us 42% of our manager’s time will be spent dealing with conflict. We also know that every once and a while a conflict will arise that is best managed at arm’s length from your organization through an impartial in house Ombuds office. An office that separate from your organization but familiar with it, investigate, report on and resolve complaints or problems.  We know that maintaining an in house Ombuds office is often cost prohibitive and that leaves the tough stuff right where you don’t want it; in the middle of your organization and weighing on your people.

yourOMBUDS.com, a division of Legendary Coaching, provides you with your own Ombuds office on an as needed basis. Our services allow you to invest the right amount into conflict resolution support and help maximize your organizations conflict management system. Our professionals will understand your organizations culture and can be trusted by you and your people to be fair and impartial in satisfactorily helping resolve your conflict.

 Our conflict resolution support can include the following services:

  • Employee to employee conflict
  • Employee to management conflict
  • Customer complaints
  • Employee corrective action meetings
  • Employee dismissal processes
  • Owner to owner conflict
  • Owner to shareholder
  • Discovery meetings
  • Conflict Coaching
  • Conflict Management System Development

The question isn’t if we are going to have conflict, it’s when we will and will we be ready to handle it with the excellence that we desire and not let conflict take our organization hostage, undermine our leadership, and rob us of profitability.

We offer monthly plans, which are adjustable based on needs, demand, and budget.

 "The best aspect of yourOMBUDS.com providing us with conflict resolution support was the confidence both my team and I now have in knowing there is no problem, conflict or complaint that we can’t handle and when we have one of “those” situations, yourOMBUDS.com seamlessly steps in! The reduction in stress for our team is both significant and profitable!  S.M. Republic Live

A powerful organization enjoys a bottom line that they desire and are proud of. A return on investment that protects relationship, instills a culture of fairness and is very profitable. We believe yourOMBUDS.com can help you achieve this!