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Helping Leaders LEAD Themselves and Others WELL

We are passionate about helping leaders LEAD themselves and others WELL.

We ENGAGE Leaders and their Organizations where they are at.

We EMPOWER who they are.

We INSPIRE the "WHY" of what matters to them.

ENGAGE: By exploring existing leadership and conflict management systems we help leaders and their organizations uncover fresh and prosperous opportunities to LEAD WELL.

EMPOWER: As we equip leaders with emotional wisdom that elevates the attractiveness of their leadership and how people are valued and heard a contagious culture of trust appears. 

INSPIRE: As we elevate our confidence, empowerment and trust we become intentional with pursuing a bottom line that is about who we are and what we do. A healthy bottom line that protects relationships, advances wellness and fairness, empowers pride of ownership and increases profitability.


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Conflict Management Systems

Coaching to facilitate and empower
a Powerful Organization

Powerful organizations are successful organizations. Powerful organizations are successful in relationships, successful in workplace fairness, and successful in profitability.

In today’s marketplace every facet of an organization is under scrutiny to remain competitive and profitable.  The challenges a small to medium enterprise (SME) deals with daily ranges from complex regulatory requirements, emerging technology, and new strategy execution to protecting and growing market share and their best people

A recent survey of SME’s revealed the biggest organizational challenges they expect in 2014. The top three challenges were identified as:

Customer Experience Must Improve

        55% of respondents were focused on improving customer experience.

New Strategy Execution Needs Employee Engagement

        48% of respondents want to drive higher levels of employee engagement, and 44% want to help 
        employees understand new strategies and/or changes going on in the company.

Manager Empowerment is Vital to Success

        47% are focused on developing leadership or manager competence.

At Legendary Coaching we work with organizations to be intentional about developing a Conflict Management System that responds to these challenges and equally important improves profitability. We consider a powerful Conflict Management System as one that adopts a 4 part bottom line;

Relationships:  Protecting the people capital of the organization including customers, suppliers, and team members.

Fairness: Intentionally developing a communication framework that optimizes fairness.

Pride of Ownership: Empowering a culture where employees want to make a difference and feel good about it.

Profitability: Improving the financial performance through people, passion, products, performance, and process.

Below you will find our 7 Success Keys that help optimize a organization with an effective Conflict Management System.

The Legendary Coaching approach to developing your Conflict Management System is custom designed to respond to where you want to take your organization:

We undertake an assessment of your organization that looks at organizational level of workplace health, conflict management system, and a Fairness System Review.

We will also undertake a Fairness Cost Analysis that will help us identify where your Conflict Management System is expected to add to the bottom line and help us to measure financial, human resource and fairness gains.

We work together with you as we consider our findings and the prescribed ammendments for your organization. We are an integral part of coaching, monitoring and adjusting the plan to maximize results.

Our clients have found that by being intentional with their Conflict Management System they have seen marked improvement in employee retention, productivity, creativity, empowerment, decreased absenteeism, health, legal, restructuring, and shrinkage costs as well as more productive use of managerial time on proactive initiatives. 

We are confident Legendary Coaching can add significant value to your organization with a proprietary Conflict Management System.  We also expect to be held accountable in the following 4 areas in terms of giving you practical and actionable tools that are measurable and sustainable:

1. We are accountable for helping take the organization to where you want to go.

At the outset we have provided the tools necessary for you to make an informed and responsible decision as to what your next right steps are for your organization.

2. We are accountable for delivering a sustainable Conflict Management System.

A Conflict Management System that allows you and your team to proactively identify and resolve your own conflicts while protecting relationships.

 3. We are accountable to equip your organization with skills that will empower self-leadership, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, and team dynamics.

In some cases an ongoing coaching relationship remains with you or your key leader(s) as well as periodic in-house workshops/seminars.

 4. We are accountable for delivering a measurable, sustainable, and profitable Conflict Management System.

An Conflict Management System that allows you and your team to observe, diagnose, amend, implement, and measure the health of the organization and its contribution to profitability and return on investment.

We look forward to exploring how we can add value to your Conflict Management System and ensure your system is perfectly designed to achieve the results you desire.


The 7 Health & Profit Keys to a Powerful Organization

1. In a Powerful Organization, conflict and differences are expected not a surprise. Where two or more people are in relationship there is a potential for conflict that left to its own devices will become a dispute.

2. In a Powerful Organization, relationships both internal and external are recognized as part of the organizations profitability and return on investment.

3. In a Powerful Organization, a Conflict Management System is in place that is measurable and empowers the organization to be intentional with engaging and resolving both latent and manifest conflict. A win/win outcome is the desired outcome that protects the relationships.

4. In a Powerful Organization, emotional intelligence and conflict resolution skills development are cornerstones of the organizations Professional Development Plan for all team members.

5. In a Powerful Organization, leaders are coached to be intentional with self-leadership that supports their ability to great leaders; inspire, lead change, share vision, and empower people.

6. In a Powerful Organization, equity and fairness are part of a Conflict Management System that adds value to the people and profitability. In terms of people, they love where they work, who they work with, what they get to do and seek opportunities to add value to the organization. In terms of profitability, bottom line positive impacts on productivity, creativity, reduced employee attrition, absences, and health costs, employment costs, and increased time for leaders to lead not fix.

7. In a Powerful Organization, their brand reflects their people and their people embrace the brand.