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Helping Leaders LEAD Themselves and Others WELL

We are passionate about helping leaders LEAD themselves and others WELL.

We ENGAGE Leaders and their Organizations where they are at.

We EMPOWER who they are.

We INSPIRE the "WHY" of what matters to them.

ENGAGE: By exploring existing leadership and conflict management systems we help leaders and their organizations uncover fresh and prosperous opportunities to LEAD WELL.

EMPOWER: As we equip leaders with emotional wisdom that elevates the attractiveness of their leadership and how people are valued and heard a contagious culture of trust appears. 

INSPIRE: As we elevate our confidence, empowerment and trust we become intentional with pursuing a bottom line that is about who we are and what we do. A healthy bottom line that protects relationships, advances wellness and fairness, empowers pride of ownership and increases profitability.



As we move into 2016 there is one thing that we can't get more of; can't buy it, earn it or use another person's. Yes you guessed it; time! Now here's the funny thing, we love to start a new year with goals and plans and get a new calendar and make changes or at least plan to make changes to better manage our time. But if we all have the same amount of time every day and its not changeable then why do we try to manage it. I know for me it is about how I choose to be intentional with prioritizing my time and its use and application. I needed to change my system because my system was perfectly designed to achieve the results I was getting! This make sense to anyone else? I changed my system by first considering what was really important to me, in fact what I was passionate about. I look at my WHY first, what I am passionate about and then added my HOW I was going to deliver it and WHAT I need to help take me to my desired success!

I developed a 5 step system called the LEGENDARY SUCCESS PLAN first for myself and then for my clients to look at the WHY, HOW and WHAT of my (their) desired success. Our five-step system engages what we call forward focused reflection which helps you develop and reflect on the past year, but not in a way that’s heavy, negative or purely performance driven. Our system will help you see your progress, feel your momentum, be inspired about what’s next and committed to jump into 2016 with a clear picture of your desired success! In fact one of the most valuable takeaways for my clients is either a reawakening or deeper discovery of what they are passionate about with the end in mind. Remember our choices reveal what we are passionate about!

I am offering this to you without charge for yourself or your clients or team members with two conditions. You give attribution to Legendary Coaching in its use and give us some feedback on how it is working for you and others or where we can add to it to make it even more powerful tool for success!

Enjoy and here is the link to the PDF: LEGENDARY SUCCESS PLAN

Powerful Leaders know that there greatest skill is asking great questions that start with themselves; what questions are you asking?

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